The Power of a Smile

I have recently read some articles and passages regarding the importance of a smile. Not just to someone standing right in front of us, but to ourself in the moment we’re in right now. The benefits of smiling with other people is well-known, like the fact that people are more inclined to enjoy being around you if you smile a lot. But what I have found recently is how smiling can have huge power over our own feelings.

Fake it until you make it…

Smiling can change how we feel inside. I remember many years ago when I worked for a national retailing chain as a cashier/merchandiser. We were taught to “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” – simply put, ACT happy until you BECOME happy – all for the sake of the customer’s experience. The funny thing is – it really works! Many times I went to work after a tough day at school and I was in a terrible mood (we all remember how much fun high school and college were, right?) but our policies required me to provide a quality customer service experience. By the end of my shift I was in a great mood! Until recently, I had forgotten this valuable tool, and now I am trying to use it more. I’m making a choice to be happy.

Putting a smile on your voice…

Recently, I was adding some sample voice recordings to an e-learning course I was working on. After starting the project, I had read how “putting a smile on your voice” can change how you sound on the telephone during interviews and other interactions. I decided to try smiling just before I pressed record and see how it impacted my voice and the message. IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! I sounded much more pleasant in the newer recordings and the message felt totally different – it had intonation and was easier for the learner to feel my excitement for the information. Needless to say, I’m using this newfound technique more often!

My final thoughts…

Based on my own recent experiences, smiling has many positive benefits – in person and on the phone or in recordings..but more importantly – in my heart. Using a few simple techniques seems to pay dividends in the ways that count most. I can actually make a conscious choice to be happy.

When I’m around other that are smiling and having a good time, I’m having a good time, too. I have chosen to be that person that helps make the room a better place to be…

Have a wonderful day!


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